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Tornadoes 06:15
I am here to destroy you And take everything away I am here to show you that This is just the beginning of everything That you never knew So run Feel that life can’t go on Letting go of what you wanted, fall into flames I believed it was all, in my head Until I was stripped away all the things that i cared for Hold on to life, this is the impact you leave All of a sudden You turned cold and still The sky started to change into you I walked away and towards you I tore this all down What I built and what I knew were in pieces Everything is broken and splintered So just close your eyes and hold on tight And I won’t let go [Chorus] Some day I will find my way out of here And I will come save you Someway I will find the things that you do That make me want to destroy you
I was so strong, so indestructible But I guess I was wrong I thought I was bulletproof, until you came along I used to throw away everything until I heard you say “Take this light and hold it, close to you.” She said “Think of me, when there is darkness inside of you.” Out of the cold Started to feel something new, with you Had something to hold, it was warm and new I used to throw away everything until I heard you say “Take this light...” So watch as my heart explodes in front of you A million pieces of me are flying towards you Please cover your face I don’t want this to hurt you And I believe that I can see through you I believe that I am free from you The colors have changed And it’s getting dark but the light inside Had started to fade until I hear you say “Take this light...” I saw you standing there Who was the one holding your hand? Who was the one, standing where you stand? So I just walked away and I didn’t say a word Till you saw me, looking back at you We both just stood and stared And then I closed my eyes [Chorus]
And I can’t stand to see the way we were When I look at your photographs And now I’m alone But alone in my mind I didn’t want to give up on you I hope all your faces will fade away The falling hearts have died, with you And some day I will hold you close again And I won’t let you go Cause this will only break your heart This will all be over soon I won’t let you lose control I will always be there for you and I And I have found the fountain of truth When the water is cold, it’s just like you Then I jump in and take a deep breath, and fall on my knees Slowly, start to freeze When I’m fighting all your low degrees Just feel me and believe that I’m falling into you [Chorus] So please don’t go I can pull you through, if you let me inside of you
Fade Down 04:48
You were the first to go Now I’m watching the distance between us grow In focus to a blur It was real, but you weren’t really sure You said this was impossible And I should have listened So now it’s time I really say goodbye This will all fade down And become the things that I love the most We should all stay away From everyone and everything we love because We can’t just let go The less you know The less it might hurt you The more I stay Is the more pain that won’t go away I wish I never came here And I wish this never happened Cause all I’m gonna do is let you down [Chorus] Fade down Fade away
Lost Gravity 05:06
Can you feel the pressure It’s getting harder to breathe The earth is shaking And the ground starts breaking down Let’s find each other so we can be together When this thing ends They say we are spinning faster now A shift in the earth has taken us off course I don’t think we could save ourselves now Remember the beginning, but let’s embrace the end Things start floating Find something to hold on to We will all fall into the sky Cause we have lost gravity There’s nothing to hold us down So let’s just let go Hold on as things start to float around Tie yourself down To buy some time until I get to you But you say I don’t want to see you Because I don’t want to see you go [Chorus]
Fall Apart 05:35
Don’t let them tear you down You are wearing thin Don’t let them stare you down Don’t let them in Just be strong don’t let them win But if you lose just get back up again Sometimes things fall apart Just stand up and return to the start All of the dreams that faded away All of the lives that you couldn’t save All of the hearts that are filled with pain All of the love that you let slip away Let it slip away You gotta just stand up And start again Push forward Harder than anything that you ever believed in Hold tight and stand your ground Don’t let them push you down [Chorus]
Fantasy 04:11
My God you are so fucking pretty I want to give you everything that I can You say you can do whatever you want right now And I say don’t come in closer I just want you to be my fantasy Don’t come in closer I just want you to be my fantasy Come over here and let me whisper in your ear What I want to do to you I want to tell you what the hell you should be doing now (Come follow me) Don’t come in closer I just want you to be my fantasy Don’t come in closer I just want you to be my fantasy I want to turn around I want to steal you now I want to make you mine but it’s not the right time I know where you will be Where I can always see You on top of me [Chorus]
Fire Inside 05:13
I want you to come into my place I want your kiss and your sweat Something you won’t ever forget The only thing I want to do is look in your eyes And be the fire inside of you So give it up You’ll save yourself But you will never know What it really feels like When I give it to you I know you think this is love So let’s just skip the kiss And go for it [Chorus] Turn off the lights And close your eyes Can you feel the heat From my heartbeat As I touch your soul With full control I take you over I will take you in I will show you everything is alright now I will show you everything And I will take you everywhere If you just let me in
Slowly pushing objects through walls Answering the phone before someone calls The lights won't turn on You are there I can feel it So I move closer And I can hear your heart start to beat Can't tell if this is real Maybe we all should run? No one is left alive Am I the only one? Please don't wake me up before I get to touch you I am in the dark, but somehow i can feel you I can hear you breathe So I move closer And I can hear your heart start to beat [Chorus] This thing inside will never die No matter how much you try So just close your eyes and let it inside Cause this dream was real
The Last Day 04:49
I can feel you The warmth of you Passing through every point But as you start to pull away The cold rushes in And my heart starts to beat again To try and help me to survive Cause this is our last day Until we all fall apart Time to find a new way out It all seems so clear Now I cant see were we’ll be I hope I don’t forget you As this disappears Can we start again? Lets fade to black Turn the lights down And hold my hand and just let go Start to feel our souls In control, face to face To fall in love, our souls combine [Chorus]
The Wind 05:22
Hold 04:03


FiXT breathes new life into the sophomore album from I Will Never Be The Same with brand new bonus tracks to add to the unforgettable experience of Tornadoes. From the head-crushing intensity of "As My Heart Explodes" and the stadium-filling anthemics of "This Will All Be Over Soon" to the nightclub swagger of "Fantasy", Tornadoes showcases a genre-bending artist with an iron grip on the future of alternative rock, electronic music and all the places it can go.

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released December 11, 2015


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I Will Never Be The Same Los Angeles, California

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